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Total has a long history in the energy business and is committed to continuously providing reliableclean energy to as many people as possible, now, and in the future. Total’s ambition is to be the responsible energy majorand we play an active part in tackling climate change.  


Total is committed to providing solutions for the three major energy challenges the world will face over the next 20 years: meeting the growing population’s energy needs, tackling climate issues, and responding to changing customer needs and expectations.  

The UNFCC's Paris agreement and the 2-degree scenario are integrated parts of the Total Business Strategy. Our strategy is to build on our strengths in oil and gas activities while at the same time develop a low-carbon energy business, mainly in electricityThis way we aim to adapt to the changes in the new energy market and actively contribute to tackling the climate challenge.  


Total was the first energy major to release a climate report in 2016. In the 2019 report we have four key focus areas:  

  • Natural Gas - Expand our presence across the entire natural gas chain, reduce our methane emissions and make LNG more energy efficient  
  • Low-carbon electricity - Expand our operations in the non-regulated portion of the value chain (excluding power transmission) from power generation using renewables and natural gas to end customer solutions and energy storage (batteries and hydrogen)
  • Petroleum products - Avoid expensive oil, reduce emissions from our facilities and promote sparing oil use and sustainable biofuels. 
  • Carbon neutrality - Develop businesses that will help achieve carbon neutrality by providing energy efficiency services to our customers. And by investing In natural carbon sinks and in carbon capture, utilization and storage.  


While clean energy sources increasingly play a part in Denmark’s energy mix, the country will need conventional energy sources for decades to come. A good example is the redevelopment of the Tyra platform which supports Total’s vision for better energy efficiency and more sustainable operations.  

The new Tyra is built to minimize climate and environmental impact through leaner infrastructure and modern technology. This North Sea flagship project is key to lowering the environmental footprint of our Danish North Sea operations, as we expect to reduce the CO2 emission from Tyra by 30%. 



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